ACSI’s annual CEO pay review published; CEO pay has increased. Earnings too.

CEO pay has finally exceeded levels last recorded in 2007 – the last financial year before the GFC.Read more read more

The grant is worth how much? Aligning actual executive equity grant value with stated policy

It is not unusual for investors, directors and/or management to query the value of LTIs.Read more read more

UK requires mandatory reporting of CEO pay ratios

Listed companies with more than 250 employees must disclose their CEO to median employee pay ratio.Read more read more

APRA requires less of superannuation funds’ governance and remuneration

Some funds may want to consider the more rigorous standards applied to other APRA regulated entitiesRead more read more

ASIC reports on proxy advisers - no more regulation for now

The report is the culmination of an intense, and sometimes antagonistic struggle.Read more read more

Federal public sector pay

Australia’s federal public servant pay appears to be managed well, strategically and operationally.Read more read more

ASIC continues to highlight “culture” risk

A recent ASIC speech has shown it still believes culture to be a key concern. Read more read more

ACSI Ranks each ASX company on ESG Disclosure – not pretty but improving

ACSI has released a report evaluating and ranking ASX 200 company sustainability disclosures.Read more read more

Board effectiveness and skills the focus for super funds too

Report concludes that super fund board composition and performance assessments require improvement. Read more read more

More form filling for banks regarding remuneration – the FSB wants input

The FSB wants feedback on what data regulators should collect from financial institutions. Read more read more