Guerdon Associates is a consulting firm. We provide executive and director remuneration and board effectiveness services that contribute to improved and sustainable shareholder value.

We are independent. We do not provide services other than executive and board remuneration, board evaluation and renewal, director evaluation, and board governance consulting. We are not a broad based firm offering services that could be separately purchased by management in excess of the fees we earn from boards. Therefore the scope for potential conflicts of interest is minimised.

Guerdon Associates brings together behavioural, financial and legal disciplines, comprehensive data and research, a measurement framework, and a consulting network to achieve this regionally, nationally and globally.

Consulting client companies tend to be larger listed companies. However, we also work for private corporations, rapidly growing smaller public companies, and companies preparing for the transition from private to public and sometimes back again. Primary contacts within client companies are board chairmen, chairmen of board remuneration committees, CFOs, human resources EVPs, remuneration/compensation managers, company secretaries and corporate counsel.

Our purpose is to enhance organisation performance through the better application of human capital and the management of human capital risk. We do this with the instruments of reward, performance measurement, governance process, and performance management. We view organisations as complex but understandable human and economic systems. So while we may apply specialist expertise to only parts of the system, we assess the impact that changes may have on the entire system and its outputs.

While we have strength in analysis and measurement, we are also engaged in stakeholder engagement. We maximise the likelihood of success by testing analyses and alternatives with the board remuneration committee, management, proxy firms and major investors.

Our work is based on proven research. This research is sourced from within Guerdon Associates’ own work, from the public domain, or from co-operative ventures Guerdon Associates has established with universities and other dedicated research bodies.

Team members have decades of experience, and have consulted to companies around the world on executive and director remuneration matters.

Guerdon Associates is part of the Global Executive Compensation and Governance Network (GECN), with Guerdon Associates as one of the founding members. GECN is the first and only global organisation of premier independent advisory firms specialising in board and executive remuneration, corporate governance, and related areas. We have offices around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Zurich, Basel, Kiev, Johannesburg and Toronto.

Our main Australian consulting offices are located in Melbourne and Sydney, with data support personnel in Chennai, India, and technology support personnel in San Francisco, USA. With our international experience, and through associates in the major independent firms around the world, we can provide internationally workable solutions when and if required.


Sydney РTel: (02) 9270 2900

Melbourne – Tel: (03) 9600 0295