APRA’s handy guide for bank directors – a sobering Christmas refresher of your additional 423 regulatory obligations

If you are currently a bank director or considering an ADI NED appointment, then you will be aware that it is a highly regulated space with a myriad of director obligations.

Just how demanding the space is for directors is readily apparent from APRA’s publication of a special directors’ guide drawn from the prudential standards and guidelines.  Its release is just in time for summer reading and brings together all the material requirements – and thankfully no new ones! On reading it the fee premium for being a bank board director can be understood. Some may consider it still not enough.

The information paper (83 pages) can be accessed HERE.

Its length denies any attempt to summarise the key takeaways, given APRA has already had a go and this publication is probably as condensed as you are likely to get. Instead you may find the accompanying APRA excel spreadsheet listing all 423 APRA regulatory requirements of directors as a handy reference. It lists the regulation, specific paragraph, and a brief description.

See HERE for both the guide and the spreadsheet.

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