Committee Effectiveness Review


Just like Boards, Committees also need feedback if they are to improve their performance. Reviews of Committee performance are generally included as part of a board evaluation, but it is Guerdon Associates’ experience that:

  • Unfortunately, committee reviews are often ‘tacked on’ to the end of a board evaluation. Three or four general questions about a committee’s performance (such as appropriateness of the charter, quality of chairing etc) will not be particularly helpful in identifying how the committee could improve and develop.
  • A committee review can be undertaken at the same time as a board review, but it is important to ensure that it receives appropriate focused attention
  • Frequency of committee evaluations be aligned with the nature of the committee, and how often it meets.


Our approach to the evaluation of committee performance is differentiated from that of others through a focus on:

  • Confidential interviews with both committee members and non-members which explore the strengths and weaknesses of committee functioning
  • A continuous assessment of committee performance using a Committee Pulse Check App at the conclusion of every committee meeting
  • A comprehensive set of evaluation topics, including terms of reference, committee composition, meeting effectiveness, robustness of relationships with management, and satisfaction of the board with the reports from the committee
  • A focus on high priority areas for improvement, by measuring the gap between importance and effectiveness

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