GuerdonData® is an extensive and complete on-line database of all executive, director and board remuneration data compiled from company annual reports and disclosures. In addition, it contains extensive information on company financials and other relevant information. Clients can specify report samples by any one or a combination of criteria, including:

  • Company names or ASX codes
  • Executive or director roles
  • Company size (e.g. revenues, market capitalisation).

The on-line version of GuerdonData® is available now. With the on-line version you select any sample of positions, individuals or companies and generate any or all of the standard 23 types of reports designed to meet most needs.

Our information services have been designed for and are available to professional services firms (e.g. remuneration consultants, executive recruiters, lawyers), corporations (e.g. board of directors, human resources, finance and investor relations), media (e.g. business press, trade publications), executives (e.g. CEOs, CFOs), investment managers (e.g. institutional investors, investment bankers), and researchers (e.g. universities, not-for-profit think tanks).

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