COVID-19 Quick Survey Results

Last month Guerdon Associates ran a survey on companies responses to COVID-19. Thank you to all the participants of the survey for their time.

The results are as follows:

  • The majority of respondents in the poll are not adjusting remuneration.
  • 57% of companies intend to grant LTI as normal.
  • The majority of companies have not yet determined what their approach will be to STI.

As we receive more information from public announcements, we will update our database on announced changes HERE.

In a review of Guerdon Associates advice to a number of companies on their COVID-19 remuneration responses, we found that specific company responses varied significantly depending on the circumstances of the company. These took into account prior remuneration report vote history, ESG assessments/ratings, competitive environment for key talent, the preferences of major investors, financial reserves, performance and outlook, and peer practices, among other matters. Mapping these factors for each company has indicated, so far, that various courses of action would have different rationales used as the basis for stakeholder communications.

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