Glass Lewis extends opportunity for company boards to put their case to their investors

Last year Guerdon Associates revealed that CGI Glass Lewis was to trial an opportunity for boards to have the last word on their reports (see HERE) .

The trial was a success. Now Glass Lewis is to roll out the service globally.

No longer would ASX-listed companies have to suffer what they may deem to be an injustice. If they disagree with CGI Glass Lewis they can say so, and direct to those that subscribe to CGI Glass Lewis reports.

There are a few catches. The main one is that companies that want to do this have to subscribe to the CGI Glass Lewis report. This appears to be a relatively modest cost given that it provides a ready-made platform for a company to promote its point of view to a large proportion of its investors.

The press release can be found HERE .

Details of the process and Q&A can be found HERE.

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