London Stock Exchange bemoans constraints on UK executive pay

The CEO of the LSE, Julia Hoggett, bemoaned constraints on UK executive pay.  UK shareholders rejected remuneration reports for several large UK multinationals, including Unilever and Pearson.  Last year saw the defection of Smith and Nephew’s CEO to the US after the board could not match US pay levels.

While the UK has been Europe’s biggest financial hub for many years, listings in the country have dropped by over 40 per cent since 2008, according to a government review.

Julia Hoggett’s critique accompanies applause for the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s plans to shake up its rules in a bid to attract more companies to list shares on UK stock markets following a flurry of companies opting (unsurprisingly) to list elsewhere in the world.

She argues the proposed rule changes are “just one element of the reforms needed to improve the competitiveness of the UK’s capital markets”.

Her article is well worth a read. See HERE .

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