Remuneration and Governance Forum

The afternoon of 23 March 2021 in Sydney and the morning of 30 March 2021 in Perth

ESG has come into greater focus in recent times. The interruption to business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may have sharpened board directors’ focus on how to deal with ESG and other non-financial measures in incentive plans.

Boards will have to ask themselves several pertinent questions. For example, should executive incentives have consideration for ESG measures? If so, how much? What about other non-financial measures?

These questions raised other concomitant ones. How does one identify appropriate non-financial measures? How does one measure these, and how much weight should be given to them in an incentive plan? The role played by external stakeholders will have to figure when considering these questions.

Another issue at play in recent news relates to bullying in a corporate setting. It is difficult at the best of times to assess instances of workplace bullying. Learning to spot and remedying a toxic culture is challenging. An expert panel will discuss responses to bullying and other transgressions, the impact on careers and the role of regulation. Formulating policies that better reflect values espoused by a company will go a long way.

These are the issues that will be discussed at our 15th Remuneration and Governance Forum, co-sponsored by Guerdon Associates and proxy adviser CGI Glass Lewis.

So save the date – the afternoon of 23 March in Sydney and the morning of 30 March in Perth.

This year’s event will be held virtually in place of our regular physical meeting. Watch out for the invite and instructions to join.

As in past Forums, the Chatham House Rule applies. News media will be excluded. Although this year the Forum will be a webinar, it will not be recorded consistent with the Chatham House Rule. Open and frank discussion is encouraged.

If you think you may not be on the list, please let us know at

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