Remuneration and Governance Forum – Save the Date

Our 17th Remuneration and Governance Forum will co-sponsored by Guerdon Associates and proxy adviser CGI Glass Lewis.

For all its advantages, we have consigned the on-line Remuneration and Governance Forum back to its lockdown box. Hopefully, it stays there. In 2022 we are back together with you again, face to face, and possibly when it comes to some investors and company directors, toe to toe. But all in a spirit of constructive debate for mutual understanding and support.

The issues are many, from remuneration in a higher inflation environment, ongoing challenges with long term, sometimes intractable ESG objectives and executive pay, governance challenges when confronting M&A threats and opportunities, and culture change for work environments safe from harassment and duress. Too many, in fact, such that we have to reduce the number to be addressed in our Forum to permit sufficient quality review and discussion. More on which issues we will land on will appear in forthcoming alerts.

Save the date – the afternoon of 17 March 2022 at Dockside, Cockle Bay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

There will be plenty to fret about and discuss.

As in past Forums, the Chatham House Rule applies. News media will be excluded. Open and frank discussion is encouraged.

Watch your inbox for an invitation and details of the issues to be addressed. If you think you may not be on the list, let us know by sending an email to us at

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