Stop Press – CEO 2006 Pay Increases

As of just a few days ago, the majority of ASX 300 listed companies with financial years ending up to 30 September 2006 had released their annual reports with remuneration disclosures. And, as in the past, GuerdonData® is the first publicly available database to capture the results. You, as a subscriber to GuerdonNews®, are the first to receive the latest trend analysis for CEO pay.

To validly determine the rate of increase, we look at same incumbent data. That is, we identified the 128 Managing Directors and CEOs who were in the same role for all of the 2005 and 2006 financial years. They are drawn from all industries, with ASX 300 company market capitalisation ranging from $35 million to $96 billion.

The median 2006 increase in Total Remuneration (TR) was 11%. The average was skewed slightly higher at 13%.

NOV Table 1

Note that each measure of remuneration is assessed independently, so that the individual receiving the median fixed remuneration increase is not the same person receiving the median STI increase, etc. Also note that over the two year period some incumbents did not receive a STI and/or LTI. This would be reflected as a zero change in remuneration.

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