Governance and Remuneration Forum update

Invitations have been sent to directors, institutional investors and executives for the Forums in Sydney and Perth.

The Forum will include a panel on the extent that investor governance guidelines help or hinder agility and innovation. Panellists may shed some light on how a how to incentivise a founder still on the board differently from the norm and still receive investor support. Attendees can consider the case of an innovative ASX listed multinational biotech with leading international directors and globally respected researchers that have a unique hybrid incentive that makes sense, but may not tick all the boxes.

Another panel will consider the extent that boards are expected to exercise oversight on company culture. Do some regulators want the board to interfere in company operations, treading on management’s toes? How do boards of some of Australia’s best run companies meet regulator and investor expectations?

And then there will be a debate. On one side a well known founder and entrepreneur will argue that governance guidelines hinder returns, while a highly regarded institutional investor known for give and take will argue that his company should do more.

The Forum is on in Sydney on the afternoon of 10 March, and Perth on the morning of 3 March.

If you are a company director or institutional investor, would like to come, and have not received an invitation, contact us.

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